TURAS Camping and 4WD Magazine Podcast

This podcast consists of interviews related to anything to do with 4WD Camping and overlanding. We host a a variety of people on the podcast, from guides running Offroad tours across the world, to offroad equipment and accessories designers and manufacturers, to automotive company reps and engineers. We hope you will find all of our guests as interesting to listen to, as we have found them to chat with.

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Episode Five - Emil Grimsson - Arctic Trucks


Emil Grimsson founder and chairman of Arctic Trucks speaks about his experiences on various expeditions over the years He explores the history of collaboration between Arctic Trucks and Nokian Tyres and also provides some advice on driving in extreme cold

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Episode Four -José Almeida of Dream Overland


In this episode we chat with José Almeida founder of Dream Overland - Dream Overland specialises in leading 4WD Tours across tracks in Portugal, providing a cultural, historic and culinary experience of Portugal and its people

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Episode Three- Francoise Graciet Hollander - Euro4x4parts


In this third episode we chat with Francoise Graciet Holllander. Francoise is one of the founders and owners of Euro4x4parts and is also an avid and very successful offroad racer.

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Episode Two - Phillip Bond of APB Trading Ltd.


We chat with Phillip Bond, founder of APB Trading. Phillip is one of the UK pioneers of 4WD Touring & vehicle expedition preparation and equipping. He shares somes advice and things to consider when deciding how to kit out your vehicle for an expedition.

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Episode One - Off-road Navigation with Ferran Revoltos


In this first episode, we chat with Ferran Revoltos, founder of Navigattor. Ferran has travelled the world since a very young age as a child , with his parents, and in more recent years as an avid explorer and fan of travel and 4WD touring.

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